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Help us to save the lives of Afghans in danger and legal permanent residence of foreigner countries stuck in Afghanistan.

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Donations go to aiding those in need both in and out of Afghanistan. Visa costs, legal assistance, food, water, housing, medical care, and charter flights are all paid for directly from donations to GEA.

Afghan Evacuation Effort

Dedicated to Helping the Afghan Evacuation Effort by providing sustenance for those in need and assisting with eventual resettlement.

Who We Are

Global Evac Afghanistan (GEA) is an 501(c)3 (tax ID EIN 87-3089436) international non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to helping the Afghan evacuation effort, providing sustenance in country for those in need, and assisting with eventual resettlement. We do our work consistent with the highest international standards and best practices, as well as in conjunction with valued governmental and non-governmental partners. GEA brings the skillset and networks of a multifaceted team of veterans, politicians, humanitarians, human rights professionals, former diplomats, international attorneys, and business professionals.

What We Do

GEA helps citizens and legal permanent residents of foreign countries still in Afghanistan, as well as Afghans at risk to safely leave and resettle. We provide resources necessary to those still in country suffering from the near economic collapse. GEA provides assistance with applications and administrative tasks related to the objective of resettlement outside of Afghanistan.

Our Work

GEA has successfully aided in the evacuation of American Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents, foreign passport holders, and Afghans at risk. We have successfully reunited family members separated during the initial stages of evacuation. Our team continues these important and vital efforts in order to keep our promise to the Afghan people, to our veterans, and their families.

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If you would like to volunteer or receive more information about our activities, please contact us by filling out the form below.